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Rampion 2 Wind Farm - Community Consultation advance notice


The Rampion 2 Community Consultation Commences 14 July and ends 16 September 2021

You may have already seen information in the media about proposals for a Rampion 2 Wind Farm to add to the existing Rampion 1 scheme with an ‘area of search’ along this coastline that stretches from Newhaven to Selsey Bill.

Rampion 2 have issued a  Statement of Community Consultation.  Amongst other information, it says the purpose of the Statement of Community Consultation is that it “describes how we, Rampion Extension Development Limited, intend to consult about the proposed Rampion project.” and that “The ultimate purpose of our public consultation is to ensure that local communities and other stakeholders have a chance to understand, comment on and inform the Rampion 2 proposals.”

Council encourages all residents to have their say on these proposals by participating in the formal community consultation that will take place between 14 July and 16 September.  To take part visit from the 14 July when the documents will be available on-line.

Council will be considering its response to the consultation when it meets on 22 July and will subsequently distribute a newsletter to all households in the parish to update them on this.

Val Knight

Clerk to the Council