The Parish Council

Kingston Parish Council was established on 1st April 1998 when legislation required a Parish Council be set up because the size of the electorate (the voting population) exceeded 200. Previously a Parish Meeting had been held annually at which electors could meet to discuss local matters. The Annual Parish Meeting is still held in May of each year in addition to meetings of the Parish Council. 


The Parish of Kingston is residential in nature, with the sea to the south and farmland to the north. The Parish could be broadly described as being bounded by the sea to the south by a section of Golden Avenue to the west, by the Ferring Rife to the east and by farmland to the north which includes West Kingston Farm. 


The Parish Council has seven elected Members of Council with elections being held every 4 years.


The Council has statutory powers under various Local Government Acts (dating from 1894) and is able to set a precept for funding which is collected by Arun District Council.

The Council works to maintain and improve the amenity of the Parish for the enjoyment of all parishioners. The Council does this by taking action on your behalf or by working in partnership with other community or local government organisations such as local Residents Associations, Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council.

For instance:

- Council is responsible for the flagpole at the junction of Gorse Avenue/Sea Lane.

- Council is a statutory consultee on Planning applications

- Council is active in working with West Sussex County Council to achieve improvements to Public Highways and Public Footpaths.

In addition to dealing with parish affairs, including giving grant aid to local organisations, the Council is consulted by the District and County Councils on a variety of issues. These include planning, health, transport, waste disposal, crime prevention, coastal defence and much more.