Appointment of Representatives

2019/20 Appointment of Representatives


a)  Joint Eastern Arun Area Committee: Chairman and Cllr Masson


b)  JEAAC Highways and Transport Sub-Group: Chairman


c)  Sussex Association of Local Councils (SSALC): Chairman


d)  Policing and Community Safety Meetings: Cllr Jolly and Cllr Masson


e)  Biodiversity Forum/issues: Cllr Joyce


f)  Flag Officer: Mr John Hickson


g)  Emergency Co-Coordinator and Deputy: Cllr Wetherell and Cllr Walker


h)  Winter Management Plan Co-Coordinator and Deputy: Clerk and Cllr Wetherell


i)  Arun District Association of Local Councils: Chairman and Vice-Chairman

j)  Eastern Arun Parishes Group: Chairman and Vice-Chairman


k)  East Preston and Kingston Village Hall matters: Cllr Wetherell


l)  South Strand Community Toilets Group: Cllr Buckenham