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Rampion Wind Farm 2 - Consultation (1)

Note: Council will be considering a response to the Rampion Wind Farm 2 proposals when formal consultation begins (expected date May/June 2021) on finalised plans.

For your information this Article appeared in the March 2021 edition of the All About East Preston and Kingston magazine following an early informal consultation held by Rampion:-

Rampion Wind Farm 2

You may have already seen information in the media about proposals for a Rampion 2 Wind Farm to add to the existing Rampion 1 scheme with an ‘area of search’ along this coastline that stretches from Newhaven to Selsey Bill.

Rampion have just held an informal consultation and they say “Feedback from this first consultation will help refine more detailed proposals which will be prepared for a second consultation later this year.  An offshore ‘Area of Search’ is being assessed to identify the optimum site for a maximum of up to 116 turbines, the same number as the existing Rampion Offshore Wind Farm. A subsea export cable is proposed to bring the power ashore under Climping beach, with an underground onshore cable route required to bring the power inland to connect to the national transmission grid at Bolney, where three potential sites are being considered for a new substation”

In response to the first consultation, Council has raised these initial concerns: 

  1. The Visual Impact:

     There will be an extremely detrimental visual effect on the seascape given:

- Rampion 2 is to be sited only 8.1 miles from the shoreline - this is far too close.

- the much larger sized turbines (325m – taller than the Eiffel Tower!) will have a greater

  visual impact than Rampion 1, during the day and when lit at night.

- the combined and extended span of Rampion 1 and 2 will affect the seascape of an extensive

  part of the Sussex coastline – potentially from Newhaven to Selsey. This will affect the

  views for residents and tourists as well as views from iconic sites such as Arundel Castle and

  the South Downs National Park.

  1.  The Environmental Impact:

    - the effect of turbines on birds as their safe flight corridors will be lost

    - the disturbance of the seabed that will impact on the plants and sea creatures

   -  the effect on the countryside and its wildlife by laying offshore cables from Climping to Bolney.   

    3.   The Economic Impact:

    -  how will the scheme affect the local economy including tourism and fishing?

  1. The Location:

  - Whilst Council fully supports the need to bring on stream more renewable energy, Wind Farms need to be located with sensitivity to the amenity and landscape of the local area.  Are there other sites around the coast where the turbines can be set much further out to sea to reduce the visual impact such as at Dogger Bank in the North Sea?

Council encourages all residents to have their say on the proposals for Rampion 2.    There is a second consultation planned later in the year.  So do look out for that. 

 The Council has had virtual meetings with representatives from Rampion and the campaign group, Protect Coastal England, who are objecting to the proposal, to hear both sides of the argument and you can find out more by visiting their websites: 

Rampion 2 

Protect Coastal England  

The Parish Council welcomes the views of residents; e-mail to let us know your views or to arrange to keep in touch by email.